February 2018  
My View from the Pew


Sunday mornings are a joyful even at mission San Felipe. Family and friends come together dressed formally or in comfortable attire and everyone is welcome.    Everyone shares their beautiful smiles and words of encouragement and plenty of love to go around. No one ever has to be told to greet a newcomer, when someone stands and says where they are visiting from, usually there is someone in the congregation are from there also. Canada, Minnesota, Iowa, (me) Calif. to Alaska. Just name a place and somehow they have heard of the church that God has built in San Felipe.   Everyone is invited to be active and involved in the ministry of MSF. The Friday women’s Bible Study lasts for two hours, 1 hour for prayer and fellowship and one hour of learning and discussing. The Fruit of the Spirit has been this season’s topic. Karen Lewis leads the meeting and 15 to 20 ladies participating helps keeps the meeting lively and moving along. We all leave the meeting blessed and refreshed. The men have a Wednesday morning fellowship breakfast and Bible Study lead by Pastor Gary Lewis. The lessons and discussion has helped each participant deepen their spiritual walk. There are many ministries to get involved in; the church recently sponsored their 3rd annual yard sale to benefit Sonshine Hacienda (a home for abandoned or abused children). This sale raised $3505 dollars in two days with the help of many church volunteers. 
The worship service contains new songs as well as some of the old hymns. A dedicated group of musicians and singers lead the congregation with the songs clearly displayed on the overhead screens. A various times there is participation from the Mexican churches who provide worship using songs in Spanish and everyone is truly blessed. 
I feel blessed to be a part of a church that loves Jesus and is advancing His kingdom. 
I am truly grateful for Pastor Gary and Karen for being so faithful to the projects that God has given to them Sonshine Hacienda will go with me in my heart back to Chariton IA.
The messages that Pastor Gary teaches have the Bible as their foundation with a strong conviction and a gentle concern. I have been watching from the pew for 7 years and time passes so quickly when it is restricted to short visits to the church that I call my home church. 
All of the online announcements will help me to stay in touch and up to date. 
Thank you Pastor Gary and Karen for blessing us by staying committed to San Felipe.
 Joanna Larkin


Heather,Thanks for the engouracing words. It's been nice just being able to get some of this stuff off my chest and out in the open. Thanks for taking the time to read.Josh
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